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Library Advisory Committee

The members of the Library Advisory Committee (LAC) serve in an advisory capacity to the Harrell Health Sciences Library: Research and Learning Commons Director, who is the chair of the committee. The committee shall meet quarterly in the fiscal year. Additional meetings can be called by the chair as needed. The LAC is a standing committee of the Faculty Organization at the Hershey campus. Members are appointed for a three-year term by the chair of the Faculty Organization.

Responsibilities include:

  • Advise on library collections, services, space use, and operation – including the broader issues that impact the library as well as how library services and operation have an impact on the educational, clinical, research, and community outreach programs at the Hershey campus.
  • Serve as a core test group for new products/services.
  • Promote the transfer of information between the library and other units.


Name Department
Khaled Sedeek Anesthesiology
Scot R. Kimball, PhD Cellular & Molecular Physiology
Cynthia Robinson Chairperson
Janelle Izer, M.D. Comparative Medicine
Christie Travelute, MD Dermatology
Travis Watson Emergency Medicine
Terry Wolpaw, MD, MHPE Ex Officia
Todd Felix, MD
Abe Taylor, MD
Family & Community Medicine
Jan Mcallister Graduate Student Representative
James Martin Medical Student Representative
Judie A. Howrylak Rebecca Bascom Medicine
Nicholas Buchkovich Microbiology & Immunology
Joyce Tombran-Tink, PhD Neural & Behavioral Sciences
Neural & Behavioral Sciences Neurosurgery
Debra Rovito Debra Rovito
Judith Weisz Ob/Gyn
William Cantore, MD Ophthalmology
Aman Dhawan Orthopedics
Jozef Malysz, MD Pathology
Marsha Novick, MD Pediatrics
Todd E. Fox, PhD Pharmacology
Michael Murray, MD Psychiatry
Guodong Liu, PhD Public Health Sciences
Amit Agarwal, MD
Eric Walker, MD