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Exhibits and Display Cases Policy

The Harrell Health Sciences Library, Research and Learning Commons develops displays and exhibits on a regular basis. This is done to promote use of the collection and to highlight its diversity; to bring attention to special or underused aspects of the collection; to make it easy to find information on topics of current interest; to celebrate special occasions.    

Such displays will, where applicable, reflect a variety of viewpoints and cultures. Permission for the public (groups or individuals) to use the library’s display space may be given for educational, artistic, and cultural materials. Displaying or exhibiting of collections or materials by the library does not necessarily indicate the library’s endorsement of the issues or events promoted by the collection of material being displayed or exhibited. Requests for display space will be considered in the order in which they are received.     

 The following categories of exhibit materials are specifically excluded: 

  1. Commercial exhibits (Example: Displays advertising the benefits of a pharmaceutical drug, etc.) 
  2. Promotion or representation of partisan or individual candidates’ political meetings or events (such as political rallies, demonstrations, movies, fundraisers, promotion, protesting, or endorsement of political candidates or agenda). 
  3. The library’s display case is not available to individual political parties, candidates, or to individuals or groups who wish to use it to support or oppose political parties or candidates.
  4. Exhibits which promote doctrinal beliefs or viewpoints, i.e. promotion or representation of specific religious or philosophical/motivational groups
  5. For-Profit / Non-profit organizations, promotion or representation of a for-profit business, no marketing of any kind ( One could display the history of say, the Ronald McDonald’s House, but not raise money for the Ronald McDonald’s House.)
  6. Promotion or representation of personal or family interests
  7. Displays of a polemic or discriminatory nature
  8. Display of material which is obscene, defamatory, invades a particular person’s privacy, or incites violence.
  9. Promotion or representation of any activity or purpose that is in violation of local, state, or federal ordinances or laws, including copyright and public performance laws



Requests to use library display cases will not be accepted without completion of the Display Case Reservation and Agreement Form. Signing this request form and subsequent approval will signify that the person understands this policy and their agreement to adhere to its guidelines.

  1. Permission to a group or individual to use the display case does not constitute the library’s endorsement of the policies or beliefs represented in the display.
  2.  Contact person(s) must notify the library 2 weeks in advance of display date. Reservations can be made for display space up to 1 year in advance.
  3. The library reserves the right to cancel any scheduled display providing the organization receive 7 days’ notice.
  4.  Upon request and availability, some library materials, books, equipment, etc. may be provided for your display. 
  5. Contact person(s) should coordinate display according to limited window space.
  6. Please note: the glass shelves should not be moved. 
  7. All window display items must be picked up promptly after date indicated on form.  
  8. Contact person(s) will be notified by email to confirm request upon approval. 
  9. The Harrell Health Sciences Library and Learning Commons assumes no insurance liability for items on display. Individuals, groups or organizations should check coverage provided by their own insurance policies. 
  10. No hardware, equipment, or objects are allowed in display or in the setting up of the display that may result in the damaging of any of the display case. If such damage occurs, the group or individual responsible for the display will be held responsible. The potential for any such damage may be considered grounds for denial of the display case application. If the setting up of the display would interfere with normal library activities and work, the display will not be permitted.
  11. The library may request a sample of the work to be shown prior to granting a request. Library personnel will assist with the arrangement and content of the displays. In so doing, the library reserves the right to limit the size, number of items, scheduling and frequency with which an individual or group may have a display or exhibit.  
  12. Exhibits cannot in any way disrupt the normal routine of the library.  
  13. The use of a library display case is a privilege -- not a right -- and is subject to the Library's sole and exclusive discretion. Accordingly, the library reserves the right to deny the use of the display case to any group or individual.
  14. The exhibits and displays may include information about the exhibitor at their discretion.
  15. A short description with or without photograph(s) of the display may be included in the library web site, newsletter, PSU News, local newspapers, or community newsletters, at the library’s discretion.
  16. The Library will not sell items from the display nor will prices be allowed to be displayed.  
  17.  Exhibitors must list affiliation, student group, department, etc. on placard and included in display. (Example: “This display sponsored by…”)
  18. If a group or an individual violates the policies or procedures associated with the display case, future use of the display case may not be permitted.


See also: University Libraries Exhibits Policy