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Available Training

We offer one-on-one or group training sessions on many topics FREE for all Penn State Hershey affiliated users. Let us know what you need and we will work with you to design a customized, on-demand training session. We also can work with instructors to provide sessions for students.
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Systematic Review Consultation Form

To know more about this service, check the Systematic Review page.

The Systematic Review Service is on pause. Library faculty cannot partner on any new Systematic Review projects as the expert searcher. Consults and training are still available.

Step One

Decide what type of review is most appropriate for your topic. Systematic reviews are used to answer specific clinical questions. Do you have a clinical question that can be put into the PICO format? 

Patient/population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome

Many times research teams are looking for an overview of the existing literature and not answering a specific question. When this is the case a scoping review would be more appropriate. These reviews follow the process and standards are rigorous. They just have a different purpose.  Read A Typology of Reviews: An Analysis of 14 Review Types and Associated Methodologies

Systematic ReviewScoping Review
Focused research question with narrow parametersResearch question(s) often broad
Inclusion/exclusion usually defined at outsetInclusion/exclusion can be developed post hoc
Quality filters often appliedQuality not an initial priority
Detailed data extractionMay or may not involve data extration
Quantitative synthesis often performedSynthesis more qualitative and typically not quantitative
Formally assess the quality of studies and generates a conclusion relating to the focused research questionUsed to identify parameters and gaps in a body of literature

‘Scoping the scope’ of a Cochrane review Journal of Public Health. Volume 33, Issue 1 p. 147-150

Fill in as much information as possible
PICO question if a systematic review
Criteria for considering studies for this review
Types of outcome measures

Nominate a Harrell READer

This form is for the use of nominating an individual for consideration for the Harrell READers program. They can be faculty, student, or staff of the Penn State College of Medicine Community. Nominations should be based on the individual having a relationship with the Harrell Library. Individuals who are chosen will be highlighted in the library’s quarterly newsletter (@Harrell.lib) and on a poster in the library with their favorite book.

Display Case Reservation and Agreement

The library develops displays and exhibits on a regular basis. The public (groups or individuals) may request to use the library’s display space for educational, artistic, and cultural materials. Check the Exhibits and Display Cases page for more information.
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