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Library Virtual Tour

Please note that Unity WebGL content is not currently supported on mobile devices. Supported desktop browsers are: Firefox (52 and newer), Chrome (57 and newer), Safari (11 and newer), and Edge (16 or newer).

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Content of the virtual tour

Window displays a click-through 3D virtual tour of Harrell Health Sciences Library. Areas within the library have hotspots that reveal informational text boxes. The hotspots include:
  1. A lounge area with chairs facing each other, bookshelves and a large window. 
    The description reads: “Interspersed throughout the library are common areas for study, repose, and interaction. The space is designed to encourage collaboration.”
  2. A wide monitor on the wall, with an advertisement for Multimedia Services displayed on it. 
    The description reads: “Monitors throughout the library display information about the opportunities and events held in the library and throughout the campus.” 
  3. A long, crescent shaped wood table with several plastic rolling chairs behind it. A smiling woman in business attire with crossed arms faces the viewer. 
    The description reads: “At the service desk you can reserve materials, make interlibrary loans, and ask general questions where a librarian can assist. Librarians can also use their expertise to provide valuable services such as literature searching and systematic reviews.”
  4. Along the opposite wall, a series of connected cubicles with glass front walls each contain a long table with 6 chairs, and a monitor on the back wall. The side walls of the rooms are shiny and white.
    The description reads: “There are 13 group study rooms available. The rooms are equipped with monitors that can be shared to with Solstice, and whiteboard walls that can be written on.”
  5. The view faces a series of bookshelves, filled mainly with thick, black books. When the hotspot is pressed one shelf moves position from right to left with a sliding motion. 
    The description reads: “The library’s moveable stacks allow a robust collection of volumes to fit into a more condensed space.” 
  6. A room with multiple computers and one chair is partially visible through a glass door. When the hotspot is pressed, a bright light turns on in the room.
    The description reads: “The One Button Studio (OBS), is an easy-to-use recording space with lighting, camera, and microphone setup ready to go. Assistance is available, and the space can be booked through the library’s website.”
  7. Between the One Button Studio and the bookshelves is a row of attached computer desks with semi-transparent walls between the seating stations. Two computer stations are clearly within view, with the hotspot over the chair of the one on the left. 
    The description reads: “Computer workstations with access to a wide selection of software are available 24 hours a day. For a full list of software and equipment, please visit the library’s website.”
  8. An entirely glass-walled room. By the left wall are tables with three 3D printers on them. On the far wall is a line of four computers. On the right wall is a large screen displaying graphs of user statistics for the library. Beside the screen is a podium with a VR headset and controllers placed on top. In the middle of the room are three 3-side tables connected in a U-shape. On the table furthest to the right is a model of half a human brain. 
    The description reads: “The Technology Sandbox is a space for innovation and experimentation.” Underneath the description is a button that says “Enter.”
  9. Upon entering the Technology Sandbox, a hotspot is visible on the table to the left with the 3D printers. 
    The description reads: 3D printing service is available through the library for all Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center faculty, staff, and students.
After all nine hotspots have been located, a congratulations message appears informing the user that every section was viewed.