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UPC Library Services for Fall 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restart of onsite learning at UPC, there are some temporary changes to library services that are occurring for Fall 2020 semester.  And due to the nature of the pandemic, everything is subject to change.

Librarian Availability

  • Brad Long is still providing services on a full-time basis, but has returned to telecommuting.
  • He will only be onsite as necessary, usually upon request.
  • Brad is also available for scheduling individual consultations via Zoom.  He will not be available for any in-person consultations.
  • The other librarians from the Harrell Health Sciences Library (HHSL) can be reached through Research Help.

Access to Physical Collections

  • The UPC book collection has been draped off from access.
  • Access to the physical collection is still available, but you will need to email Brad Long to request items.


Book Shelves

Check the alphabetic list books at UPC:

  • All requested books will be placed in your Suite 304 mailbox.  If the physical size of your request is too large to fit in your mailbox, a plastic bin, with your name, will be placed on top of mailboxes.
  • Please return the box to Brad’s office after picking up your request.

Below are pictures of the contents of the bookshelves, to assist with browsing of particular items.

1 Week Reserve (extended to 2 weeks)
Image shows the book shelf at UPC with all the books that are one week reserves.
Circulating Collection: Due Date: 1/18/21
Image shows the book shelf at UPC with all the books that are circulating collections.


Additional information

  • Please do not request that anyone else within UPC retrieve books from the shelves for you. The University Libraries have instituted strict safety measures to ensure the safe handling of print library materials and no one else at UPC has been trained on the protocol.
  • Research has shown that the SARS-COV-2 virus can live up to 4 days on library books.  As a result, the University Libraries instituted a 96 hours quarantine policy for all books that leave library shelves. (updated 7/27/2020)
  • Please return all print library materials that you have physically handled, even for less than a minute, to the plastic book return basket on the window shelf of the Brad’s office (e.g. in the lobby entrance by the book shelves).
  • Laptops will not be available for checkout or in-Suite use, except for on an emergency basis.
  • Access to a number of software programs are available through either PSU WebApps or University Libraries’ WebLabs.
  • If you are currently in Hershey, please utilize their collection first. The ability to ship items between campuses is inconsistent at this point.
  • As a reminder, access to the online collection of the HHSL is unaffected by the pandemic.

Laptop Checkout Procedures


At the UPC College of Medicine Student Learning Center, laptops are available for Medical Students to borrow, in the event their own laptop or computer is not working, or require access to special software.   The policies and procedures are outlined below.  

  • The laptop cart is to remain locked at all times.
  • Laptops are only to be removed and checked out from the cart by either the Embedded Health Sciences Librarian or UP Office of Medical Education (OME) Staff members.  Laptops are to be returned to the top of the cart, wiped down with a sanitizing wipe.  Do not return them to the cart.  E-mail the Embedded Health Sciences Librarian that the laptop immediately after return. 
  •  If faculty or other UP staff need to use multiple laptops for instructional purposes, please contact either Embedded Health Sciences Librarian or the UP OME Administrative Manager, to make arrangements.
  •  There are 2 laptops that may be signed out for 1 week.  There are 12 laptops that may be checked out for 1 day.  Loan periods can be extended by permission.
  •  There are an additional 6 Lion Care laptops that do not circulate, except by special permission.  Please see either the Embedded Health Sciences Librarian or the UPC Administrative Manager for permission.
  •  There are also 3 laptop power cords available for checkout.
  •  No laptops will be available for check out during blackout dates.  Blackout dates are typically when an exam or another event is scheduled and the laptops are needed in the Student Learning Center.  

 Borrower Responsibilities

  • Any laptop and/or power cord returned after the due date and time are subject to daily fines.  
  • Borrowers should note the time and date that any library materials are due. Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive notification does not relieve the borrower of the obligation to return materials when they are due or justify a reduction in fines.
  •  Borrowers are financially responsible for all materials charged out on their cards. Borrowers should report a lost or stolen card to library staff at once to minimize responsibility for its unauthorized use.
  •  Please return laptops in clean, working condition.  Please inform the Embedded Health Sciences Librarian immediately of any hardware or software issues.
    • If a laptop is returned in a broken, unusable, or altered state from when it was checked out, the student will be financially responsible for the cost of repairing the laptop.  In the event the laptop can’t be satisfactorily fixed, the student is responsible for the cost of replacing the laptop with a new one.
  •  Returned checks due to insufficient funds will result in a service charge of $25.00.
  •  Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the forfeiture of your being able to checkout laptops.

For additional information, check the Harrell Health Sciences Library policies.