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Group Study Rooms

The Group Study Rooms provide all students with a dedicated space to study and collaborate. There are 13 group study rooms in the library:

  • C1620A to C1620J (9 rooms) are equipped with a PC and Mersive Solstice for sharing content.
  • C1618P, C1618Q, C1618S, and C1618T are currently being used as interview rooms for student interviewing for residency and residents interviewing for fellowship.
Located on the first floor of the library outside the One Button Studio (C1620L).
Today's hours: 24/7 with badge access

Key Features

  • Self-Service Scheduling iPads
    Self-Service Scheduling iPads
  • Share Your Device to the Screen
    Share Your Device to the Screen
  • 60 Inch Screen Monitor
    60 Inch Screen Monitor
  • Walls You Can Write On
    Walls You Can Write On