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Technology Sandbox

The Technology Innovation Sandbox provides all students, faculty, and staff with a dedicated space for discovery, experimentation, creation, and collaboration. Bring your complex problems or projects to search for innovative solutions, generate and test ideas, or visualize your data on the 9 panel video wall.

The Tech Sandbox is located in room C1620K on the first floor the Library.
Today's hours: 8am - 8pm
A red 3D printed skull is placed inside of a LulzBot Taz Mini 3D printer.

Scan, model, and print a three-dimensional object.

A headset and two controllers of a HTC Vive VR system are placed in front of the packaging box.

​​​Interact with three-dimensional images or environments.

An illustration of data visualization dashboard created in Tableau with two geographic maps on the left and one column chart on the right

Present and analyze data by placing it in a visual context.

On a table is a clear, plastic case filled with craft supplies, visibly including duct tape and ping pong balls. Beside the case is a boat made of aluminum foil and paper. In the background is a large cardboard box labeled “Design Thinking Toolkits.”

Prototype design, group study, wellness activities, and more.

User Stories

3D printing to learn anatomy

I used TinkerCad to create the CD model and I found that even my understanding of the anatomy was enhanced.
- Haley Nation

To date, I have printed twelve 3D cardiac models both with normal and abnormal cardiac anatomy.
- Bryan Stefek, M.D.

Teaching with the 3x3 video wall

​I thought being able to integrate two types of technologies to enhance the teaching experience was great. I was able to run my power point with live musculoskeletal scanning being displayed on the other side of the screen.
- Cayce Onks, M.D.

Virtual reality to learn anatomy

This makes so much more sense than learning anatomy from a picture. It’s even better than a screen where you can move it in a 3D plane.
- Brennan Ross