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Materials & Rates
Material Description

New Rate ($/gram)
Starting from 4/1/24

PLA Standard, high detail .07
PET Standard, stronger lower detail .07
TPU Flexible, high strength low detail .08
PA (nylon) Engineering, for end use parts .15
PVA Soluble support, PLA Complex models .16
Colors will be selected by the library staff based on the current inventory.
3D Model File
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: stl obj 3mf.
For file size larger than the allowed max upload size, please specify a URL to the file.
Hershey campus users can pick up print at the library service desk during the staffed hours. University Park Program users can pick up print at the UPP office: CMSB Suite 308, 1850 E. Park Ave, State College.