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One Button Studio

Amy Ricords, BSN, MEd, Director of Nursing Education and Professional Development used the One Button Studio to record a training video for nursing staff:

I often repeat large conferences to reach all Nursing learners who work 24 hours a dayT 7 days a week. A particular speaker was unable to be present for all of the repeated sessions but her information was too valuable to skip. Instead of having her sit in front of a camera and lecture, we used the One Button Studio. One Button permitted the presentation to look so professional and much more engaging for the learner.

Patricia Silveyra, PhD, and her medical student partners were some of the first users of our One Button Studio to produce a training video for medical interpreting. They used the library’s video production suite to edit out mistakes, include closed captioning, and insert a still image of an exam room for a realistic background.

None of us had any experience using the software or the studio, but were able to film and ultimately produce a great product!
- Chavely Valdes-Sanchez, Medical Student Class of 2019

Aman Dhawan, MD, and Christopher Arena, MD produced a video which they submitted as supplementary material for a journal article on a specific surgical technique.

Dr. Arena stated:

One Button Studio and Ryan Klinger specifically were amazing in helping us to edit video and include voice over. Ryan spent a lot of time walking me through the steps and educating me on the software… and I would love to use it again in future projects.

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