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Printing and Copying


LionCash+ can be enabled and charged with funds. Printing costs 5 cents per side. The Pay to Print system is installed in the library's first floor and in the 24-hour computer media lab on the second floor.

Print jobs can be sent to the Pay to Print printers from all library computers on both floors. You can also print from your own laptop by installing the pay to print driver (see instructions below).  The print jobs stack up in a print queue until the user releases them at a print release station located by the printers. After 24 hours, any unprinted jobs will be purged from the print queue.

  • Users log onto any release station
  • Select the jobs to print
  • Swipe your ID
  • The cost of the print job is deducted from the value of your Lion Cash enable ID card

A color printer is available on the first floor. Color print jobs can be sent from any Library or PBL study room computer. Use the print release stations on the first floor of the library to send the job to the color printer. The cost is  21 cents.   

Install Pay To Print For Windows

•    You must be logged in to the secure network
•    Download and install the package titled Payprint combined. (internal use only) It will take a few minutes (click run, run, install, and finish). 
•    Reboot PC.

Install Pay To Print For Macintosh

  • You must be logged in to the secure network
  • Download Mac_Popup and Kyocera printer drivers. You'll need to log in with PSU Access ID to access this PSU Box folder.
  • Install Mac_Popup. It will take a few minutes (click run, run, install, and finish). This will install the popup module for Mac.
  • Install the latest Kyocera print drivers for black/white and color.