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Teaching with the 3x3 video wall

Two clinical faculty used the large-scale display capability of our 3x3 video wall to enhance learning related to medical imaging.

Hector Lopez, MD used the video wall to show side-by-side comparisons of 3D and MRI brain images while teaching an outreach session for high school students interested in brain injury. On one side were MRI images from the library's web-based e-anatomy platform, IMAIOS e-anatomy. Dr. Lopez used the library’s Solstice app to wirelessly connect his iPad to the video wall, allowing him to manipulate the MRI images on his iPad while walking throughout the room interacting with students rather than being tied to the podium. Juxtaposed with these images were 3D slices of the brain from the library's Visible Body platform, so that students could visually compare the images.


Similarly, in his elective course for 4th year medical students on advanced musculoskeletal imaging, Cayce Onks, MD used the video wall while teaching students how to perform ultrasound imaging. Several ultrasound machines were set up in the room and the images from each displayed simultaneously on the video wall., which allowed learners to compare their technique with others in real

I thought being able to integrate two types of technologies to enhance the teaching experience was great. I was able to run my power point with live musculoskeletal scanning being displayed on the other side of the screen. I have done similar presentations at regional conferences, but that required two projectors and two screens in a large conference room. This obviously was much better quality.

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