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One Button Studio FAQs

Q: What is the capacity of the One Button Studio?

A: The room capacity depends on what you are doing. You can comfortable fit 8 people in the room, but the visual field of the camera can only show about 3 people at a time.

Q: Is there a cost to using the One Button Studio?

A: There is no cost to using the equipment or software in the One Button Studio. Use of the One Button Studio is free and should be scheduled using the library’s scheduling system.

Q: Are there any other requirements (other than the preparation recommendations given in on the webpage)?

A: The only requirement to run the system is a USB drive. It is also recommended that you reserve the room.

Q: What if I don’t have a USB drive?

A: The library has three encrypted USB drives available for 24 hour checkout at the Library Service Desk.

Q: What do I need to ensure my multimedia projects comply with Penn State University Policy?

A: Your multimedia should adhere to the visual standards of communication. For example, institutional logos are presented consistently and correctly. Your multimedia should also adhere to accessibility standards, meaning all audio files are accompanied by a text transcript and all videos are accompanied by closed captions. Visit these resources for guidelines:

Q: Is there an easy way to add closed captions and transcripts to my multimedia?

A: If you are recording audio or video, it is recommended that you start with creating a written script. By creating a written script that you will use to narrate, you can ensure the tone and consistency of your narration. You will also have a text transcript available to accompany your audio as well as make the closed captioning more accurate. You will need to sync your transcripts with your narration to ensure your closed captions are 100% accurate.

Q: Is there software available for closed captioning?

A: MovieCaptioner software is available in the library. Some people also use YouTube’s auto-generated system. However, it is only 70% accurate. To ensure compliance with Penn State Policy, your closed captions should be at least 99% accurate, if not 100%. This can be a time intensive activity depending on the length of your project. There are a few companies that will close caption and add transcripts for a cost. Recommended companies include and

Q: What are my options for storing my multimedia?

A: There is currently no single solution for all your projects. A few recommended storage options depending on the nature of your content includes your M Drive, a personal hard drive or USB drive, or OneDrive.​

Q: What are my options for sharing my multimedia.

A: Again, this will depend on your project needs and content. A few publishing options include your Learning Management System (i.e., Canvas, Simba), OneDrive, email, or public sharing websites (i.e., YouTube).