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Computer Workstations Policy

Library collections and services support the informational needs of users engaged in patient care, research, and education.  Public stations, with access to the Internet, are provided as a service to our primary users in fulfillment of their patient care, research, and education needs.  Use of public stations is limited to the fulfillment of these objectives.

  • All computers in the library require user sign-in.  All computers may be accessed with an PSUHMC ePass available to faculty, staff, and students. 

HMC Guidelines for Using Electronic Information and Resources: Internet Use

The medical center provides access to the Internet to support the mission and goals of The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Thus, "appropriate use" of the Internet includes a wide range of activities; it does not, however, include significant use of the Internet for personal reasons. Work access to the Internet should never be used for downloading offensive material for personal entertainment, conducting commercial activities unrelated to Penn State or The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center or engaging in activities intended to be detrimental to Penn State or the medical center. Such abuse of medical center provided Internet access is subject to disciplinary action.  

Compliance with University and Libraries Policies and Rules

The University Libraries abide by federal laws, the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, local ordinances, and the University policies that guide behavior at Penn State. These statutes, laws, and policies also include the regulations and guidelines relating to harassment, respect for copyright and intellectual property, and the Libraries' Code of Conduct regarding appropriate library behavior and appropriate uses of University Libraries property. For example, physically abusing a computer workstation or altering hardware, software or data configurations is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with University regulations and policies may result in a loss of library and computing privileges or other disciplinary action.

Use of Electronic Resources and the Internet by Minors

In pursuit of the University Libraries' mission to provide faculty, staff, students and the community with optimized and organized access to information in all formats, the Libraries have refrained from blocking access to any materials available through its electronic resources and the Internet. In all cases in which minors are using the University Libraries, including its public workstations and other information resources, parents and other adult care-providers are responsible for overseeing and supervising the minor's use of the University Libraries. Parents and other adult care-providers should be aware that allowing minors to have unsupervised access to electronic resources and the Internet could result in their access to information or images that parents may find inappropriate for their children. For the purposes of this policy, all Penn State students are considered adults.