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Systematic Review Policy

The process must follow the IOM Standards for Systematic Reviews or the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions.
Statistical resources to analyze and pool data must be available.

Before the process can begin the library needs a signed letter from the Department Chair stating that they support and will provide funding for the service along with the budget number is required.
If the project is grant-funded, please indicate so during the first consultation. Fees for librarian service should be written into the grant.
Fees will apply for librarian’s service as well as for resources that the library does not currently subscribe to (cost recovery charges will be applied)

Fees that accrue while data is being collected will be billed quarterly.
The fees for the librarian’s time will be billed quarterly. 
If at any time you choose to discontinue the process fees will be charged for amount of time the librarians has spent on the project as well as cost recovery for resources used

To receive proper attention, systematic review requests should be received well ahead of any proposed deadline. Within two business days of receiving your Request Form, a librarian handling your project will contact you to schedule an initial (free) consultation. There is no guarantee that every requested deadline can be honored. 

A desired completion date must be made on the request form. The librarian will collaborate with the PI on creating a timeline for the SR and reviewing results during the first consultation. Regular communication between the Librarian and PI is essential.

*A consultation does not guarantee immediate service assistance.